Just One Pill Can KillYour kids don’t need to buy drugs on the streets when they are in your home.No one ever plans on becoming an addictThey don’t swallow the pill; they snort it, smoke it and shoot it in their veinsLocking your meds should be as natural as locking up a weapon.More people die from drug overdose than from car accidents70 people a day die from drug overdoses. If 70 dolphins a day were washing up on our beaches, people would be outraged and the media would be reporting it 24/7


Zohydro Battle Continues

I’m on the steering committee of Fed Up, a coalition of medical professionals and addiction specialists working to end the opioid addiction epidemic. Incensed that the US FDA approved Zohydro ER, a high-dose, single-entity hydrocodone formulation, this group wrote a letter to the FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg.  By approving this drug, the FDA has put […]

Are you old enough to remember The Marlboro Man on TV? Or the Virginia Slims ads? If you are, then you probably remember the reason why you don’t see them any more. Someone figured out that advertising works. Smoking kills Americans every day. Someone figured out that advertising a harmful substance is not in the public’s […]

Links to The Blogosphere

In each issue of my newsletter, Rx Addict Action, I include links to websites of interest in a column called The Blogosphere. These sites may be news, blogs or websites of other people afflicted by addiction, support sites, government hearings on the subject, etc. Here are a few of those links that I’ve collected from […]

“We’re losing the drug war,” Sgt. says.

My family appeared in a special report on Fox again in November. The link is here if you haven’t seen it. Interesting angle they were going for: “It could happen to you.” Believe it or not, prescription drugs lead to heroin. “At this point and time we’re losing the drug war. Drugs are rampant,” Roseville […]